Flame Retardant Polyester Fire Retardant Duvet Cover

Pilato Polyester Duvet Cover

In Packs of (5)

Our plain polyester duvet covers is fully flame retardant and is tested to BS 7175 Ignition Source 7 standards. It's also durable and easy to care for.

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Long-lasting and easy to care for, this plain polyester fire retardant duvet cover set provides a crisp, clean look in any bedroom whilst the flame retardant properties have been tested to BS 7175 Ignition Source 7 standards ensuring complete safety and peace of mind.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Pack Qty In Packs of (5)
Size(s) 135cm x 198cm / 53" x 78" Single Duvet Cover 198cm x 198cm / 78" x 78" Double Duvet Cover
Colour(s) Cream, White
Pattern(s) Plain
Style(s) Bag Style
Material 100% Polyester - FR to BS7175 Source 7
Features Plain Design
Range / Collection Performance / Hospitality / Care Home Bed Linen Collection

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Visibility Catalog, Search
Range Specialist
Brand Vision

Care Instructions

Care Instructions

The bedding stock of any hotel, restaurant or other establishment is a valuable asset that requires careful laundering and handling to maintain its integrity, appearance, function and durability.

100% Polyester Wash Guide

Our wash instructions are only a guide and might not be suitable for the care process you require. Please contact +44 1254 589 550 if you are not sure on any of the information provided below.

  • Do not mix colours on the first wash. Residual dye/chemicals may be present from manufacture which may cause cross contamination.
  • Always wash white linen on its own to prevent dye contamination from other colours.
  • Subsequent washes can be classified according to colour e.g. pale shades such as peach and pink can be washed together at lower temperatures (less than 60C).
  • Wash loads should also be classified according to the degree of soiling.
  • Do not mix fibre types. Washing and/or drying 100% cotton and polyester/cotton blends with 100% polyester linen will result in cotton lint attaching to the surface of the polyester fabric giving the appearance of pilling (or "bobbling
  • Shake out linen to remove any cutlery, solid food residues and other foreign objects before loading into the washing machine. Items such as knives and pens can damage or permanently stain the fabric.
  • Detergents containing OBA (Optical Brightening Agents) are only recommended on white goods. This will make a white fabric appear whiter and brighter.
  • The use of detergents containing OBA can alter the appearance of coloured shades giving the impression of colour loss. Coloured fabric should ideally be washed in detergents that do not contain OBA.
  • Residual staining can be removed using oxygen based bleaching agents but these should not be substituted for a good wash process with adequate detergency. Care and attention should be given to the conditions of use.
  • Chlorine bleach (Sodium Hypochlorite) can cause permanent colour loss and shade changes and should be avoided.
  • The wash temperature can affect the fabric quality. If polyester is washed at 60C, a cool down stage must be included between the high temperature wash and cold temperature rinsing. The wash liquor temperature should reduce to 50C and a rate of approximately 4C per minute.
  • High temperature washing can without a sufficient cool down stage can result in Thermal Shock Creasing. This occurs when hot, soft and pliable polyester fibres are cooled too quickly whilst in a crumpled state. This results in small "broken ice" type creases on the fabric surface.
  • For best results polyester linen should be ironed dry. Always feed the fabric into the ironer whilst damp.
  • Higher ironer temperatures (above 170C) on modern machinery can cause softening and distortion of polyester if consistently ironed in the same direction. Altering the direction of feed after each wash will minimise this effect.

Need more advice on how to care for your linen? View our Hints & Tips for more information.



  Range Fabric Design Other
  Luxury Performance Specialist 100% Cotton Cotton rich Polycotton Polyester Plain Stripe FR BS 7175 Source 5 FR BS 7175 Source 7 Thread Count
Arona                 300
Como                 300
Garda                 300
Monte Cristo                 200
Fusaro                 130
Lugano                 200
Orta                 144
Varano                 200
Lesina                 200
Milano                 180
Molveno               144
Pilato               144


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